Bamboo Forest Penglipuran

bamboo forest bangli

Bamboo Forest North Penglipuran
Kubu village is located approximately 20 km from gianyar regency. the village is located near the kintamani makes the air in this village are very cool. villager at large is bamboo craftsmen. they made a lot of bamboo handicrafts that are sold to capital city in bali. they take materials from bamboo forest that grows a lot of in the village

bamboo forest bangli

Go to deep inside bamboo forest
in this tour we can enter into the bamboo forest which the atmosphere is calm and quiet. bamboo grows tall and the others lined up with each other. in the bamboo forest was not so bright, because the Sun is slightly translucent, light can get in the bamboo forest. to skip road cycling we have nice and good. We easily pass without wood or tree branches blocked

bamboo forest

Bamboo is very important for balinese Peoples
Bamboo is considered as one of the most important plants in Bali. Nearly any part of bamboo can be useful for daily life of Balinese people. We can see bamboos are being used as handicrafts, household equipments, furnitures, food, medicines etc. Bamboo is even required in every Balinese Hindu's ceremonies and rituals, that's why bamboos have notable economic and cultural significance in Bali.